Bangalore to Coorg Tour Package with Balaji Travels

Bangalore to Coorg Tour Package with Balaji Travels

Bangalore to Coorg Tour Package with Balaji Travels


Escape the city bustle and enjoy Coorg’s tranquil beauty with our Bangalore to Coorg tour package. Nestled in the Nilgiri Hills of Tamil Nadu, Coorg is a paradise of lush greenery, waterfalls, and serene lakes, perfect for nature lovers. Balaji Travels is dedicated to quality service and customer satisfaction, offering car rentals and Car packages to meet your needs. Contact us at +91-9787747750 or +91-9787747751 for bookings and inquiries.

Exploring Coorg with Our Tour Packages

Madikeri Fort: Explore the old fort.

Raja’s Seat: Enjoy sunset views.

Namdroling Monastery: Visit the peaceful monastery.

Dubare Elephant Camp: See and play with elephants.

Abbey Falls: Watch the beautiful waterfall.

Nisargadhama Forest Park: Relax in the forest park.

Iruppu Falls: Enjoy the stunning waterfall.

Tadiandamol Peak: Hike to the highest peak in Coorg.

Omkareshwara Temple: Visit the Shiva temple

Comfort and Convenience:

With our package, your journey from Bangalore to Coorg is made comfortable and convenient. We provide pickup and drop-off at your preferred location in Bangalore, cover toll gate fees and parking charges, arrange necessary permit taxes, and offer a well-maintained car rental with a courteous driver.

Bangalore to Coorg one day car package price details

Bangalore to Coorg Tour Package with Balaji Travels

Weekend Getaway to Coorg from Bangalore:

Flexible Booking Options for Any Day Travel

  • Our tour package offers flexible booking for trips on any day of the week.

  • Perfect for different schedules and preferences.

  • Enjoy the convenience of planning a trip to Coorg based on your availability.

  • Whether you prefer weekdays or weekends, our package caters to your needs.

Customizable Itineraries for Different Days:

  • Offer customized itineraries for weekend and weekday trips, letting travelers tailor their experiences.

  • Showcase diverse attractions and activities, ensuring a personalized and memorable trip for all.


Explore on a memorable journey to Coorg with our Bangalore to Coorg tour package. Indulge in the beauty of nature, explore iconic attractions, and enjoy a comfortable travel experience with our comprehensive car package. Book your trip today and create lasting memories amidst Coorg’s enchanting landscapes. Book your Coorg car package with Balaji Travels now and start your meaningful journey to Coorg, where spirituality and peace await. For bookings and inquiries, visit our website or contact us via phone at +91-9787747750 or +91-9787747751

For bookings and inquiries, contact us at:

Phone: +91-9787747750, +91-9787747751



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