infant darshan in tirupati

Blessing Babies: Infant Darshan Explained


Infant Darshan at Tirumala is a special arrangement facilitating expedited temple access for families with infants, typically under one year old. This service allows these families to use a dedicated, faster-moving queue, significantly reducing waiting time. Designed to ease the darshan process for parents and infants, it reflects Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams’ commitment to inclusive and accessible worship for all devotees.

infant dharshan in tirupati

Benefits Of Infant Darshan:

  1. Divine Connection: The Infant Darshan allows devotees to establish a profound connection with Lord Venkateswara in his infant form, fostering a sense of closeness and devotion.
  3. Blessings for Children: Parents often seek the Infant Darshan to seek blessings for their newborns or young children, believing that it brings protection, health, and prosperity to their offspring.
  5. Spiritual Fulfillment: Witnessing the divine grace of Lord Venkateswara as a child instills a sense of spiritual fulfillment and inner peace in devotees, enriching their spiritual journey.
  7. Auspicious Beginnings: Initiating a pilgrimage to Tirumala with the Infant Darshan is considered auspicious, paving the way for a spiritually rewarding visit to the sacred temple.
Who Can Avail the Infant Darshan Service at Tirumala?
  • Babies and Young Children: If you have a baby or a very young child, you can bring them for the Infant Darshan. They should be below a certain age, usually a few years old.
  • Accompanied by Parents: Parents or guardians must accompany the child during the darshan. This means you need to be with your baby throughout the entire visit to the temple.
  • Pre-Registration: Before you go, you usually need to sign up or register your child for the darshan. This helps manage the number of people coming for the darshan and makes the process smoother.
  • Age Proof: Sometimes, you may have to show a document like a birth certificate to prove your child’s age when you register them for the darshan.
  • Follow Rules: Make sure to follow all the rules and instructions given by the temple staff. This includes how to enter and exit the temple, behaving respectfully, and keeping your child safe at all times.
infant darshan in tirumala

Reporting Time & Place for Infant Darshan at Tirumala

  • Reporting Time – 12:00 PM till 07.00 PM
  • Reporting Place – Supatham Entrance

Supporting documents needed for this darshan.

  • Original copy of Child’s Birth Certificate or hospital discharge summary.
  • Original Parent’s Aadhaar Card.
Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams (TTD) offers baby care facilities.
  • The Baby Care Center is located near the main temple complex.
  • It is open 24/7.
  • The center provides a dedicated nursing area for baby feeding.
  • Mothers can breastfeed comfortably in this space.
  • There are also diaper changing rooms available.
  • Additionally, there is a quiet area for babies to sleep.
  • These facilities ensure convenience and comfort for families visiting with infants.


The Infant Darshan at Tirumala Temple is a special opportunity for parents to bring their very young children to seek blessings from the deity, Lord Venkateswara. It’s a meaningful experience where families pray together for the health and happiness of their babies. This darshan allows parents to connect spiritually with their infants in a serene environment. 

Special Darshan Options:

  • Infant Darshan in Tirumala: Allows parents to bring young children for blessings. NRI Darshan: Quick darshan for Non-Resident Indians visiting from abroad.
  • NRI Darshan in Tirumala: Designed for Non-Resident Indians, offering expedited darshan and services for those visiting from abroad.
  • Senior Citizen Darshan in Tirumala: Prioritizes comfort and accessibility with dedicated queues, assistance, and senior-friendly facilities.
  • VIP Break Darshan in Tirumala: Offers the fastest darshan with exclusive access and priority services for those with limited time or special needs.
  • Seegra Darshan: Special entry Tirupati Darshan tickets (Seegra Darshan) 300rs ticket .
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