tirumala darshan ticket online booking

Mistakes to Avoid During Tirumala Darshan Ticket Online Booking

Booking your Tirumala darshan tickets online promises a smooth experience, but a few missteps can lead to delays or disappointment. Steer clear of these common pitfalls to ensure you secure the tickets you need for your pilgrimage. Here’s how to avoid the most frequent online booking mistakes.

tirumala darshan ticket online booking

Common Mistakes to Avoid During Tirumala Darshan Ticket Booking

1. Incorrect Dates and Times

Choose your visit dates and times carefully. Some darshan tickets have specific time slots, and the wrong date or time could mean your ticket won’t work.

2. Incomplete or Inaccurate Information

Make sure all your personal details (name, age, gender, ID information) are entered correctly. Mistakes could cause problems when you arrive at Tirumala.

3. Internet Connectivity Issues

You’ll need a good internet connection to book your tickets. Slow internet or interruptions can cause problems, especially when you’re paying.

4. Ignoring TTD Website Updates

Always check the official TTD website (https://tirupatibalaji.ap.gov.in/) for the latest information about booking tickets.

5. Not Understanding Ticket Types

Learn about the different darshan options (Special Entry Darshan, Sarva Darshan, etc.) and how much they cost. Pick the ticket that’s right for your needs.

6. Don’t Delay due to Limited Quotas

Darshan tickets sell out quickly, especially for busy times. Book your tickets as soon as possible after they become available for your dates.

7. Waiting During Virtual Queue

Once you’re in the online queue to book, don’t switch tabs, change screens, or do other work. This can cause you to be logged out automatically.

8. Multiple Booking Attempts

Don’t try to book tickets from multiple accounts or devices at once. This can lead to your bookings being canceled.

9. Payment Gateway Issues

Have your payment information ready to go. If there’s a problem with your card or online wallet, have a backup payment method prepared.


Online booking for Tirumala darshan eliminates the need to stand in long physical queues. By avoiding these simple mistakes, you’ll streamline the process and focus on preparing for your sacred journey to Lord Venkateswara. May your pilgrimage be filled with blessings!

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