how to secure special entry darshan tickets

Top 10 Tips for Securing Special Entry Darshan Tickets online

Special entry darshan tickets offer a faster, more convenient way to experience Tirumala Temple. These tickets can be hard to get. Here are the top 10 tips to improve your chances of securing Special entry darshan tickets. Let’s make your pilgrimage as smooth as possible!

advance booking for securing tirumala special entry darshan ticket

Top 10 Tips for Securing Special Entry Darshan Tickets

  1. Stay Updated:
    Check the TTD website ( frequently for updates on the resumption of ticket bookings or new procedures.

  2. Register for SMS Alerts:
    Sign up for TTD’s SMS alerts to receive notifications on booking restarts and other important updates.

  3. Know the Release Dates:
    Familiarize yourself with the ticket release schedule on the TTD website (when bookings resume) to plan ahead.

  4. Be Prepared:
    Have a list of pilgrims’ details (names, IDs) and payment information ready for a swift booking process (when available).

  5. Timing Matters:
    Plan to be logged in on the TTD website well before the booking window opens (when applicable) and use high-speed internet.

  6. Explore Off-Peak Timings: Consider choosing less popular darshan slots or days of the week. While not guaranteed, these may have slightly better ticket availability.

  7. Group Bookings:
    Streamline the process by booking for up to 6 pilgrims using a single ID if traveling with a group (when bookings resume).

  8. Recheck Your Booking:
    Before finalizing, double-check all information (date, time, number of pilgrims) to avoid errors (when bookings resume).

  9. Contingency Plan:
    If unable to secure your desired date, be prepared to consider less crowded darshan options or explore other potential booking methods like authorized travel agents or tour operators if needed.
  10. Alternative Booking Channels:
    Here are some tirupati tour operators with good reputation:
    Balaji Travels
    Padmavathi Travels

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