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Top 10 Tips for smooth Senior Citizen Darshan at tirumala

Planning your senior citizen darshan at Tirumala? Unlock a smooth and fulfilling pilgrimage with our top tips. From booking your darshan to navigating the temple complex, we’ll guide you through the process, ensuring a comfortable and spiritually rewarding experience. Let’s make your Tirumala journey unforgettable.

senior citizen darshan in tirumala

Top 10 Tips and tricks for Senior citizen Darshan at Tirumala


  • Indian citizens aged 65 and above.
  • Accompanying spouse is also eligible, regardless of age.


  • Valid proof of age for both devotees (examples: Aadhar card, passport, etc.)
  • Medical certificate (recommended for those with health concerns)

3.Pre-Book Your Darshan:

  • Advance Booking: Aim to book your tickets online at least 3 months before your intended visit. Spots fill up incredibly quickly, sometimes within 10-15 minutes of release.
  • Online Platforms: Utilize the official TTD website ( or the TTD mobile app for booking your darshan slot.
  • No Offline Tickets: It’s important to note that currently, there are no offline ticket counters for Supatham darshan at Tirumala.


  • Reporting Time: 2:00 PM
  • Darshan Timing: 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM
  • Be sure to arrive at least one hour before the reporting time (by 02:00 PM) for a smooth process.
  • Currently, TTD has stopped morning slots for Senior Citizen Darshan; only afternoon slots are available.

5.Reporting Point:

  • Supatham Entry Point, located near the Vaikuntam Queue Complex.
  • Look for the easily identifiable “Senior Citizen Darshan” counters.

6.Darshan Process

  • Present your documents and undergo verification.
  • TTD officials will guide you through the special queue designed for senior pilgrims.
  • Wheelchairs and other assistance are provided if needed.


  • Book TTD guesthouse rooms well in advance, particularly during peak seasons.
  • Choose rooms with easy access to lifts and preferably closer to the temple complex.


  • TTD provides ample rest areas with seating arrangements for senior citizens.
  • Free meals (annadanam), medical facilities, and drinking water stations are available.

9.Dress Code

  • Men: Traditional dhoti or kurta-pyjama. Shirts with collars are acceptable.
  • Women: Saree, half-saree, or salwar kameez with dupatta (scarf) covering the shoulders.


  • Devotees receive sacred laddus and prasadam after darshan.
  • Purchase additional laddus at designated TTD counters.

Important Notes:

    • Pace yourself; the temple complex can get crowded.
    • Stay hydrated, carry essential medicines, and wear comfortable footwear.
    • Maintain the sanctity of the temple and respect fellow pilgrims.


Tirumala Temple strives to make Senior Citizen Darshan a comfortable and fulfilling experience. By following these guidelines, you can ensure a smooth visit. Plan ahead, take advantage of the special facilities, and immerse yourself in the spiritual energy of this sacred place. May Lord Venkateswara bless your pilgrimage!

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