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Explore the specialized pilgrimage experience for Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) known as “NRI Darshan” at the sacred Tirumala temple. This unique provision caters to the spiritual needs of NRIs, offering expedited darshan and services tailored to their requirements.

nri darshan

What is NRI Darshan?

NRI Darshan is a dedicated darshan service provided by the Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams (TTD) for Non-Resident Indians visiting the Tirumala temple. It aims to streamline the darshan process and accommodate the specific needs of NRIs, ensuring a smooth and enriching spiritual experience.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • NRIs eligible for the NRI Darshan typically include individuals residing abroad who hold Indian citizenship or are of Indian origin.
  • Valid proof of NRI status, such as a passport or visa, may be required for verification.

Benefits of NRI Darshan:

  1. Expedited Darshan: NRIs enjoy priority access to the temple, minimizing waiting times and queues, allowing for a more efficient darshan experience.
  3. Spiritual Connection: NRI Darshan offers NRIs the opportunity to connect with their cultural and religious roots, fostering a sense of belonging and spiritual fulfillment.
  5. Cultural Exchange: Visiting Tirumala Tirupati allows foreigners to engage in cultural exchange, fostering understanding and mutual respect between different communities. Interacting with local devotees and experiencing their warmth and hospitality enriches their travel experience.


  • NRI’s who want to urge this Darshan should need carry valid passport with valid Visa Documents to urge this Darshan.
  • The Visa arrival Date should be less than 30 Days.
  • Once you reach Supadham, you ought to fill a form and need to pay ticket price of Rs. 300 per person.
  • Ticket isn’t required for Children below 12year age.
  • Valid Age documents is required. After the formalities are completed devotees are going to be allowed in to the que.
  • Only Devotees who are NRIs will be allowed. Relatives and Friends will be not be allowed with them.

Reporting Time & Place for NRI Darshan at Tirumala

  • Reporting Time – 12:00 PM till 05.00 PM
  • Reporting Place – Special Darshan Queue Complex (Supatham Entrance)
  • Cost of the Ticket – Rs.300 (per person)

Dress code to be followed during NRI Darshan in tirupati:

dress code for tirupati

Dress Code for Men:

  • Traditional is Best: The ideal attire for men is a dhoti (or pancha) with an upper cloth (uttariyam) or a white kurta and pyjama.
  • What to Avoid: Shorts, bermudas, T-shirts, sleeveless shirts, jeans, or any attire that exposes too much skin is not permitted.

Dress Code for Women:

  • Embrace Tradition: Sarees, half-sarees, salwar kameezes, or Punjabi dresses with a dupatta are preferred and ideal.
  • Modern with Modesty: Chudidars with dupattas are also acceptable.

What to Avoid:

  • Revealing attire such as skirts, shorts, sleeveless tops, tight-fitting clothing, or Western outfits that expose the body are not permitted.


NRI Darshan at Tirumala temple exemplifies the TTD’s commitment to providing inclusive and accessible worship experiences for devotees worldwide. This specialized service not only facilitates the spiritual journey of NRIs but also strengthens their cultural ties and heritage. Plan your pilgrimage to Tirumala and embark on a transformative NRI Darshan experience that transcends borders and unites hearts in devotion.

Special Darshan Options:

Infant Darshan in Tirumala: Allows parents to bring young children for blessings. NRI Darshan: Quick darshan for Non-Resident Indians visiting from abroad.

NRI Darshan in Tirumala: Designed for Non-Resident Indians, offering expedited darshan and services for those visiting from abroad.

Senior Citizen Darshan in Tirumala: Prioritizes comfort and accessibility with dedicated queues, assistance, and senior-friendly facilities.

VIP Break Darshan in Tirumala: Offers the fastest darshan with exclusive access and priority services for those with limited time or special needs.

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