Bangalore to tirupati one Day bus Packages

Bangalore to Tirupati One Day Bus Packages with Balaji Travels


Explore with us on a spiritual journey through the sacred temples of Tirupati with our special Bangalore to Tirupati one-day Bus packages. Situated amidst the peaceful landscapes of southern India, Tirupati invites pilgrims and devotees from all over to feel the divine presence of Lord Venkateswara. Let’s explore the rich religious history and cultural significance of Tirupati’s renowned temples in just one day. Discover more about our Tirupati tour packages and book your Tirupati one-day Bus package with us now.

Bangalore to tirupati One-Day Tour with Balaji Travels

Bangalore to Tirupati One-Day Bus Package Price Details

AC SEMI SLEEPER (Monday - Sunday)

  • Price: ₹3400 per person

  • Availability: This option is available every day of the week, from Monday to Sunday.

  • Type of Bus: AC Semi Sleeper buses provide a comfortable journey with reclining seats that offer a moderate level of comfort. Passengers can relax during the journey, although the seats are not fully flat like those in sleeper buses.

SLEEPER AC Bus (Weekdays - Monday to Friday)

  • Price: ₹3600 per person

  • Availability: This option is available on weekdays, specifically from Monday to Friday.

  • Type of Bus: AC Sleeper buses offer luxurious travel experience with fully reclining berths, allowing passengers to rest comfortably during the journey.

AC SLEEPER (Weekend - Saturday & Sunday)

  • Price: ₹3800 per person

  • Availability: This option is available on weekends, specifically on Saturday and Sunday.

  • Type of Bus: Similar to the AC Sleeper buses on weekdays, these buses provide luxurious travel with fully reclining berths.


AC Sleeper buses are equipped with amenities to enhance the travel experience, including not for semi sleeper.

Bangalore to tirupati one Day bus Packages
  • Individual reading lights for each berth

  • Charging points to keep electronic devices powered throughout the journey

  • Privacy curtains for added comfort and privacy

  • Bedsheets, blankets, and pillows to ensure passengers have a comfortable and restful sleep

  • Spacious luggage storage area to accommodate passengers’ belongings securely

  • Please note that these amenities are available exclusively on our AC Sleeper buses.

Bus Packages in Balaji Travels:

Travel smoothly from Bangalore to Tirupati with our bus packages, designed for your comfort. Enjoy your spiritual journey without worries. Also, join fellow travelers with our group-sharing options, perfect for those who prefer company along the way, whether you’re traveling with family members or friends.

Covering The Temples in One Day Packages:

  • Tirumala Temple: Explore Tirupati’s religious heritage with our one-day Tirupati Tour Package. Accompanied by expert guides, visit iconic temples like Tirumala, Balaji Temple. Learn about their history, architecture, and cultural significance, immersing yourself in Tirupati’s spiritual atmosphere.
  • Padmavathi Temple: Next, visit the Padmavathi Temple in Tiruchanur. Dedicated to Goddess Padmavathi, Lord Venkateswara’s beloved wife, admire the temple’s intricate carvings and vibrant sculptures. Feel deeply connected as you express your devotion and reverence.
Bangalore to tirupati one Day bus Packages

Package Inclusions for Your Spiritual Trip:

    1. Exclusive Seegra Darshan Access: Firstly, enjoy smooth access to the divine with our package, including Special Entry Darshan tickets. Skip the queues and have a peaceful visit to Tirupati’s holy shrine, valued at Rs. 300.

    2. Delicious Laddu: Receive a traditional sweet laddu as a memorable token from your temple visit. Buy more at Rs. 50 each. Let this sweet treat add to the spiritual significance of your pilgrimage.
    1. Breakfast: Start your day with a fulfilling breakfast included in our bus packages. Enjoy a nutritious meal to fuel your energy for the spiritual journey ahead.

    2. Lunch: Recharge with a hearty lunch included in our bus packages. Take a break during your pilgrimage to replenish your energy and continue your journey with vitality.

Bus package Pick-Up and drop off locations:

Pickup Services: Our pickup services offer timely and convenient transportation from various locations across Bangalore, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free journey for our customers.

Dropoff Services: Our dropoff services ensure a seamless conclusion to your journey, providing convenient and timely transportation to your desired locations in Bangalore.

Pick-up TimePick-up locationsdrop-off timedrop-off locations
9:30 PMAnand Rao Circle07:30 PMHoskote
10:00 PMIndiranagar07:45 PMK R Puram
10:30 PMTin Factory08:00 PMTin Factory
10:45 PMK R Puram08:30 PMIndiranagar
11:00 PMHoskote09:00 PMAnand Rao Circle

Important Information for Your Bangalore to Tirupati Bus Package:

1. Child Fare Details:

  • Ages 5-11: Rs. 3200 (Seat Included). No Darshan Tickets Required for Children Below 12 Years.

  • Below 5 Years: Travel is free.

2. ID Proof Requirement:

  • Please carry original ID proofs to ensure smooth boarding.

3. Bus & Driver Details:

  • You will receive the bus number and driver’s contact details via SMS or call one day prior to your journey.

Balaji Travels Tirupati Tour Packages:

Our Tirupati tour packages cater to various preferences and durations, suitable for solo travelers, families, and groups. Whether you prefer a quick pilgrimage with our one-day packages or a more leisurely exploration with our two-day package options, we have the right package for you. Our car rental services offer convenience, while our bus packages and Car Packages ensure a comfortable journey for larger groups.

Easy Darshan Ticket Booking:

Booking your darshan tickets with Balaji Travels is straightforward. We offer a range of options to suit every pilgrim’s needs, including VIP break darshan and special provisions for infant darshan, NRI darshan, and senior citizens darshan. Our goal is to make securing your darshan tickets a hassle-free process, allowing you to focus on your spiritual journey.


Experience the convenience and reliability of Balaji Travels for your trip from Bangalore to Tirupati. Our prices are clear, and we focus on making you happy. Book your trip now and enjoy visiting Tirupati, the spiritual city. Our Tirupati one-day tour Package cover the main temples, allowing you to immerse yourself in the spiritual atmosphere and have a fulfilling pilgrimage. Book Your One-Day Bus Package with Balaji Travels now and start your meaningful journey to Tirupati, where spirituality and peace await. For bookings and inquiries, visit our website or contact us via phone at +91-9787747750 or +91-9787747751.

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