Best Travel Agency in Chennai for Tirupati Tour : Balaji Travels

Best Travel Agency in Chennai for Tirupati Tour : Balaji Travels

Best Travel Agency in Chennai for Tirupati Tour : Balaji Travels


Best Travel Agency in Chennai for Tirupati Balaji Travels provides the best travel package from Chennai to Tirupati at affordable prices for visitors and families traveling to Tirumala Temple. With customizable one-day and two-day packages, our team ensures a seamless journey from Chennai to Tirupati, including car rental, meal arrangements, and special darshan tickets to enhance your spiritual experience. Balaji Travels is dedicated to quality service and customer satisfaction, offering car rentals and car packages to meet your needs. Contact us at +91-9787747750 or +91-9787747751 for bookings and inquiries.

Customizable Travel Packages

Balaji Travels offers various customizable packages to cater to different needs:

  • One-Day Packages: Ideal for those with a tight schedule, ensuring you make the most of your trip within a day.

  • Two-Day Packages: Perfect for a more relaxed visit, allowing extra time for exploration and leisure.

  • Car Rental Packages: Travel comfortably with our well-maintained cars and courteous drivers.

  • Customized Packages: Tailor your trip based on your planning days and preferences.

Special Darshan Arrangements

One of the highlights of our service is the provision of special darshan tickets. These arrangements allow you to avoid long queues and have a more serene and focused worship experience. Our special darshan services include:

  • Senior Citizen Darshan: Special queues and entry points are designated for senior citizen Darshan, ensuring their comfort and convenience while visiting the temple.

  • NRI Darshan: Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) can avail themselves of this special NRI darshan to ensure a smooth and expedited entry into the temple, allowing them to make the most of their visit without the hassle of waiting in long lines.
  • Infant Darshan: Families with infants can use our special Infant Darshan service to ensure a quick and comfortable temple visit. The needs of families with young children are prioritized, making the experience stress-free.

  • VIP Darshan: This service is designed for those seeking a more exclusive and expedited temple visit. VIP darshan provides a quicker entry and a more personalized worship experience, ensuring minimal wait times and maximum convenience.

Major Attractions in Tirupati

  • Balaji Temple: The main highlight of Tirupati, dedicated to Lord Venkateswara, a form of Vishnu.

  • Padmavathi Temple: Pilgrims often visit this temple first to pay respects to Goddess Padmavathi, the wife of Lord Venkateswara.

  • Sri Varahasamy Temple: Known for its intricate architecture and religious significance in Tirupati.

  • Sri Varasidhi Vinayagar Temple: Revered for Lord Vinayagar, offering spiritual solace and blessings to devotees.

  • Sri Bedi Anjaneya Temple: Famous for its historical roots and spiritual sanctity, attracting devotees seeking divine blessings.

Comfortable and Convenient Travel

Balaji Travels ensures that your journey from Chennai to Tirupati is comfortable and convenient:

  • Well-Maintained Vehicles: Travel in comfort with our well-maintained cars and courteous drivers.

  • Inclusive Services: Our packages cover toll fees, parking charges, and necessary permits.

  • Pickup and Drop-Off: We provide door-to-door service from your preferred location in Chennai.

  • Bus Packages: We also offer bus packages for larger groups, ensuring everyone travels together comfortably.

Main Cities Covered


  • Our trip to Tirupati with Balaji Travels was seamless and spiritually enriching. The special darshan tickets were a great help.”

  • Balaji Travels made our family trip from Chennai to Tirupati memorable and hassle-free. Highly recommend their services!”


Plan your spiritual journey from Chennai to Tirupati with Balaji Travels. Choose from our one-day and two-day packages for a comfortable trip. Experience special darshan options like Senior Citizen, NRI Darshan, Infant Darshan and VIP Darshan at Tirumala Temple. Enjoy flexible car rental and group-friendly bus packages covering major cities. Explore Tirupati’s temples and natural beauty hassle-free with our well-maintained vehicles and inclusive services. Book your package now for a fulfilling pilgrimage to Lord Venkateswara with Balaji Travels. Balaji Travels is dedicated to providing the best service, ensuring your journey is as comfortable and fulfilling as possible.

For bookings and inquiries, contact us at:

Phone: +91-9787747750, +91-9787747751



Address: No 40, Venkatnarayna Rd, Parthasarathi puram, T.Nagar, Chennai-600017

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