E-Pass for Ooty and Kodaikanal Step-by-Step Guide


The Madras High Court has recently mandated an E-pass system to control vehicular traffic in the hill stations of Ooty and Kodaikanal, in response to environmental concerns and traffic congestion. This system, targeting both domestic and international travelers, ensures a streamlined process via smartphone access, eliminating physical document hassles. Travelers from Coimbatore to Ooty and other areas planning a summer holiday trip to these serene destinations must now secure an E-pass for all trips, as it is mandatory to enjoy a hassle-free journey and help preserve these beautiful landscapes.

E-Pass for Ooty and Kodaikanal A Step-by-Step Guide

From May 7 2024, to June 30, 2024, all vehicles will be allowed to enter Kodaikanal only after completing the e-passport check at the toll plaza near Silver Falls. E-passes are required for all vehicles entering Ooty or Kodaikanal, Book your Ooty trip car package with Balaji Travels now and start your meaningful journey to Ooty, Munnar, Kodaikanal, Coonoor where spirituality and peace await. For bookings and inquiries, visit our website or contact us via phone at +91-9787747750 or +91-9787747751.

Benefits of the TN E-pass

In light of the growing visitor base in Tamil Nadu and nearby areas, the Tamil Nadu government has now announced the vitality of having e-passes during travel. Therefore, the benefits of having the Ooty-Kodaikanal E-Pass.

Enhanced Tourist Experience

With the help of an e-pass, the Tamil Nadu government can make sure that the visitors receive satisfactory services within the state. Moreover, With so many people visiting Tamil Nadu at once, it becomes difficult for people to enjoy the beauty of South India. Therefore, having an e-pass can help them to visit the place without any hassle and enjoy the trip.

E-Pass for Ooty and Kodaikanal A Step-by-Step Guide

Online Application: This is one of the critical benefits of the Ooty-Kodaikanal e-pass because visitors can simply apply for this pass online in the comfort of their homes.

Eligibility Criteria for Ooty Kodaikanal E-pass 2024

To travel to Ooty and Kodaikanal using the TN E-pass, you need to meet the following eligibility criteria:

  1. Non-residents of Tamil Nadu: This includes people living outside Tamil Nadu, especially those planning to visit Ooty or Kodaikanal.

  2. Foreign or Indian nationals visiting India: Both foreign tourists and Indian citizens traveling from other states are eligible.

  3. Private vehicle owners: If you own a private vehicle, you need an E-pass to drive to these hill stations.
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Requirements for TN E-pass


  • Provide all necessary details about yourself, including your name, permanent address, the total number of passengers, type of travel (inter-state or inter-district), and the time and date of your trip.
  • Include the specifications of the vehicle you are driving, its license, and the purpose of your trip.

Verification Process:

  • After providing all the required details, wait for confirmation. Ensure that all the information and documents you provide are accurate.

Submission of your ID:

  • You need to submit identity documents from the list below.

Documents Needed for Ooty-Kodaikanal E-pass

When applying for the Ooty-Kodaikanal E-pass, you might need the following documents:

  1. Aadhar Card.
  2. Private vehicle details.
  3. Ration Card.
  4. Driving License.
  5. Passport.
  6. Preferably, a pollution certificate.
  7. Details about your trip (how long you will stay).

Additional Information

During the summer holiday trip planning to Ooty or Kodaikanal, it is mandatory to secure an E-pass for all trips. This system helps manage the number of vehicles and protect the beautiful environment of these hill stations. Make sure to apply for your E-pass well in advance to enjoy a hassle-free journey.

E-Pass for Ooty and Kodaikanal A Step-by-Step Guide

Ooty Kodaikanal E-pass Online Application Process

  1. Log Into to – https://www.tnesevai.tn.gov.in/

  2. Visit the official website for e-pass applications.

  3. Enter your name, address, and the duration of your stay in Nilgiris or Kodaikanal.

  4. Provide details about your vehicle, including its name, number, and any other relevant information.

  5. Complete the required fields and submit your application.

  6. Once submitted, your application will be processed, and an e-pass with a QR code will be generated for you.

  7. Download and print the e-pass or save it on your mobile device for easy access.

  8. Ensure to carry the e-pass with you during your visit, as it will be checked at checkpoints.


The introduction of the E-pass system for Ooty and Kodaikanal by the Madras High Court is a significant step towards preserving the natural beauty and managing the vehicular traffic in these popular hill stations. Whether you are a resident outside Tamil Nadu, a foreign or Indian national, or a private vehicle owner, securing an E-pass is now mandatory for a smooth and hassle-free visit. By meeting the eligibility criteria and providing the necessary documentation, you can ensure that your trip is both enjoyable and environmentally responsible. Book your Ooty trip car package with Balaji Travels now and start your meaningful journey to Ooty, Munnar, Kodaikanal, Coonoor where spirituality and peace await. For bookings and inquiries, visit our website or contact us via phone at +91-9787747750 or +91-9787747751.

E-Pass for Ooty and Kodaikanal A Step-by-Step Guide

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